Links and Updates

I haven't had much (any) time to work on Portland's transportation history, but luckily some others have.

Jonathan over at has a great post on Oregon's first attempt at changing stop sign laws for cyclists. Find it here.

For anyone who is interested in the on-going Portland Bike History project, you can download a draft report that I am in the midst of updating with the help of folks at PDOT. (There is also a draft appendix you can download.)

I do have one mostly finished project. The bike history database of articles is nearly complete. We are still working on filling in some of the gaps where it seems that research is missing. So I'll probably be uploading another article database in a couple of months with even more data. Unbelievably, we found over 2,000 articles in major media outlets on cycling in Portland since 1970. And there is still more to come...

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