PDX Transportation History on the web

There are many others that have looked (or are looking) at aspects of Portland's transportation history. In particular, Steve Reed Johnson of Portland State University has documented and graciously made public his work on Portland's civic life, including histories of the bicycle movement and the Mt. Hood Freeway. Johnson focuses on civic life, but his work on these important aspects of Portland's transportation development are valuable additions to creating a comprehensive history.

In addition, filmmaker Clarence Eckerson Jr., who works with New York City Streets Renaissance, has many films about Portland's alternative transportation community, including vignettes from his tv show, bikeTV, and a movie that envisions what the Brooklyn-Queen Expressway could have been if New Yorkers had followed Portland's example on the Mt. Hood Freeway.

Please, let me know what I am missing. I am sure there is quite a bit more out there...

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